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Here They Come - Get Ready!

duck flight

minnow lake

A duck blind on a remote lake is a wonderful place to realize the anticipation that comes with the birth of a new day of hunting. Minnow Lake and it's shores in remote Saskatchewan is home to moose, elk, whitetails, bear, wolves, possibly a few mule deer and a variety of other smaller mammals. Wildfowl, birds of prey and abundant fish also fill this cornucopia of wilderness life.

rice path

Getting to "open" waters on Minnow Lake requires fighting the wild rice and other shallow-water growth. Barry Samson built this wooden, flat-bottom boat that is capable of carrying a 4-wheeler and several hunters. A "Go-Devil" motor and prop arrangement provides the power to manuver through shallow and congested waters.

duck boat

Barry gets the rig back to shore with a limit of ducks for three hunters. Now it's time to go fishing!

doc & ducks

Dr. David Frederick shows the variety of ducks that we took. All-in-all we took twelve species of ducks during the hunt. Plus a "coot" or two that fell victim to hasty shots (boy they sure LOOK like Teal when they're gliding into the dekes)!

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