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my feeder - gobblers
Occasional harsh winters will spur (forgive the pun), otherwise very cautious, turkeys to come out in the open just a few yards from an occupied cabin to feed on an offering of shelled corn. While this was not a particularly deep snow, it was a covering for a layer of ice that resulted from two days of freezing rain.


We had a great morning on the marsh but came up one bird short of our limit of ducks---no big deal. We decided that we would finish the morning with some fishing on the Beaver River. I elected to take my mod. 12 along "just in case we saw some ducks." As luck would have it, this blue-wing-teal, drake was feeding right where we stopped to fish---easy limit right! Well, blasting the bird as he lifted off was not that hard but retrieving him from the fast waters of the beaver proved to be more of a challenge. The scene turned into one of a casting competition and finally Troy Rohrbach placed a lure right on top of the dead duck and reeled him in! The moral of this story is ---be prepared! We also had a great day on the pike and walleye, then dusted a couple of grouse for supper.


What would a Canadian combo hunt be without Canadian Geese? We concentrated most of our wing-shooting towards ducks, but did manage to knock down a few of those big Canadas. Troy Rohrbach shows the first group that we took.

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