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my iowa bow buck

I arrowed this buck in Iowa during the first week of October. He has 15 scoreable points and grossed just over 160 P&Y. Don't let anybody tell you that the early season is a waste of time

Scott's first buck

My son Scott could shoot the eyes out of a doe with his bow. But BUCKS were a different story, he went "buckless" for years and missed more bucks (with gun and bow) than I saw. Finally he broke the ice by connecting on this nice little spikey from one of our permanent stands. For most of us, getting that first buck does a lot to help establish confidence. Scott now has, both, gun and bow bucks to his credit.

knife-killed buck

I normally emphasize showing only photos that are "cleaned up", but there is an interesting story here, and the knife cuts in the neck of this buck are pertinent. I had hunted in the mountains in sleet and heavy, wet snow for three days with out seeing a buck. A little downhearted, I decided to return to my home in south eastern pa. to help a friend with a plumbing project. I took my rifle along and stopped at a wooded area along the river by my home. I walked about 75 yards along a ravine when this buck and four other deer busted out of a thicket and passed 10 yards in front of me. This buck was in the middle of the group and when I raised my gun to look through the scope (which was still on 9 power), all I could see was a gigantic eye. I shot and the buck dropped and slid 200 yards down the ravine on ice-crusted snow. When I got to him he was wedged in the fork of a tree. I unloaded my gun and took my coat off and began to pull him out. As I was straddling him and pulling on his neck, I noticed that one antler was missing. About then, he came alive and pushed up with his front legs. He came out of the fork with me on his back and began bucking like a wild pony. I always carry a sheath knife when hunting, so I quickly pulled it and repeatedly slit his throat. He dropped within five seconds---with me on his back. I had shot one antler off and only stunned him. I had the hide tanned and kept it as a momemtum. It has seven knife slices in it and no bullet holes.

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