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Al's 98 booner

Big Al took this magnificent buck in Wisconsin during the 1998 gun season.
There are not many of this caliber bucks in North America but every once in a while it all comes together for the hunter. Al will certainly remember the day he took this buck for a long, long time.

ike's 1st booner

Ike rainey of Florida took this incredible buck from the same stand that I later took a buck from. However, my buck was considerably smaller.
I have never met Ike but we have talked on the phone several times to compare notes and we hunted out of the same Saskatchewan camp for several years.
Ike is a consumate trophy whitetail hunter. I have heard that he has taken another (bigger) Booner since taking this one, and he has several other bucks of this caliber.

Earl with 97 racks

Earl Stong of Pottstown PA. holds racks taken by four of five hunters in just three days hunting at our Saskatchewan camp.
We usually have at least 85% kill on good bucks, and some years our group manages 100%. Most years will see several bucks that gross score above 170.
I am not always able to follow-up on which bucks net Boone & Crockett, so I am using only "gross" scores here.

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