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logger's sask. booner

This photo doesn't do justice to the rack that this Pennsylvania hunter is holding. He took this near-perfect Saskatchewan ten pointer while hunting out of a spike camp. The green score is around 170 B&C. With very few deductions, there is a chance that this buck may make the book.
His partner took a buck that is a "twin" to this one. I'm still looking in my files for that photo. Note: When his partner was packing his rack to take home, he accidently broke the skull-plate. We thought he would be devastated, but he shrugged it off and said he didn't give a hoot about the record book---he just liked to hunt big bucks!

Montana bow buck

It was 91-degrees when I took this buck near Whitefish Montana. The deer were moving after dark and before daylight. This morning there was a lot of coyote activity along the Flathead River which prevented some of the deer from leaving the river bottom to return to their bedding areas on the mountain. Just as I released an arrow on this buck he jumped to clear a log that was across his path. The arrow missed it's intended mark and instead, struck him in the femoral artery, causing him to bleed-out in seconds and within ten yards of where he stood when I shot him---talk about getting lucky!

Mike's 9 pt

This buck was taken by Mike-2 In Saskatchewan (his buddy, Mike-1 is on another page)We had a 100% on bucks that week --- with three that scored over 170 B&C. It was a week of extremely warm weather and conditions that would normally be considered as "poor" hunting conditions for Saskatchewan. It just goes to prove that NO ONE can really predict when the hunting will be good or bad!

animated buck

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