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My cabin is located just off the Dushore to Wyalusing road in Bradford County PA. It is 12 feet wide by 30 feet long. Walls are 2" x 4" with 3" of solid block insulation to R16 value. Same thing in ceiling. The outside is T-111.

All windows are thermal (double) pane. There are 3 windows that are almost floor to ceiling and 1 smaller window. Plus there is a picture window.
The entrance door is steel with a window and 9-light grid.
The walls and ceiling are finished dry wall. The floor is still the plywood sub-floor (no finished floor).

I have wired (no panel) the entire cabin and even added circuits for future expansion. Plus I ran extra circuits for outside lights and flood lights.

The porch is rough hemlock floor with hemlock upright posts. The porch rafters and post are bolted in place with steel clips and lag screws and can be removed for separating the porch from the building.

The building was built in Gap PA. by Stoltfus Structures and was delivered on a trailer and set in place in 35 minutes --- on blocks.

I have been busy with purchasing a new place and have not had time to dig out the reciepts and cost for the cabin that is for sale. I will sell it for much less than I have in it -- for sure. Here are a couple of photos:

This was in fall of 99 just after putting the porch on.

This was obviously a winter photo that really doesn't show much.
I will get more information and photos to update this page as soon as I can.