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Take routes 11/15 to Shamokin Dam.
Stay to the right and follow the river at the traffic circle by Ted's Landing Restaurant.
(I think the sign is for route 11 or route 147)
You will cross the river into the town of Northumberland. You will go under a railroad overpass and then take the first left for route 147. (147 is also route 180)
This takes you through the town and then onto the 4-lane highway.
From Northumberland it is about 35 miles to your next exit. Take the exit for Route 220 North at Halls/Pennsdale. (this will be the next exit after the Muncy Exit).
Turn right at the end of the off ramp and go about 5 Miles or so to the stop sign at Hughesville. (the stop sign may surprise you if you aren't expecting it)
Turn left onto Route 220 North. From here it is about 30 miles to the town of Dushore.
In Dushore turn right at the light for route 87 North. You will only go a few blocks and the road makes a left turn.
(From there to your next turn outside of town is about 2 + miles)
Look for a blue building on the right with the word "Sullivan" on it. Also there is a road sign there that shows "Wyalusing 10 miles."

Turn left and follow this road 5 miles until you get to a hard right turn. (there are a lot of turns and hills along the way. As you go down a long straight hill past a sawmill and farm, you are getting close to your next turn)
At the hard right turn --- "continue straight onto a dirt road.

(do not make the turn on the paved road)
Go about 150 yards on the dirt road and take the first left at a small garage.
As soon as you turn left, you have to bear right to avoid going in a neighbors driveway.
Follow this lane across a small stream (beaver dam on left) and start up the hill.
You will pass a driveway on your right and then another on the left --- go past both of them.
Stay on the main dirt road and the cabin is on the right in a small clearing, overlooking a pond.
If, by some chance I am not there, I will be at my new cabin, which is the left turn you just passed (75 yards back down the road).
You would probably hear my equipment running, but just follow the lane to the cabin.