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I will gladly add a link to your site if it is a non-commercial, hunting site with responsible content.
By promoting each other's sites we also promote an interest in our natural heritage.
The more "links" available --- the better our chance of keeping ethical hunting as a honorable endeavor --- please reciporcate.
Guest books and web sites are great ways to encourage new hunters and non hunters to respect and enjoy the outdoor world.

VenadoLoco gets special treatment in my site because he is the one who convinced me that "old dogs can learn new tricks". Paul Abat (VenadoLoco) has been my mentor in the effort to create this entire site. I cannot thank him enough for encouraging and guiding me with the patience of a saint!

*** This next site is a new addition that has a message board, photos, links, hunting and ethics philosophy and just a great all around site.

Richard Geffert's Hunting Site: A First Class Hunting Site --- Richard has constructed a very comprehensive site with particular emphasis on Pennsylvania. There is lots of information, photos and useful links ---- well worth seeing

Venado's Whitetail Deer Hunting: A Top Whitetail Site --- Winner Of Multiple Awards!

Even Wolves Dream: A Wolf Site --- Links to many other such sites!

Keiths Whitetail Smorgasboard: A new site

Ted's Whitetail Bowhunting: Another Top Whitetail Site --- Worth seeing

Mike Coll's Home Page: A nice site (from Alberta) with good photos

Wisconsin Whitetails And Water Fowl: Sled dogs, Bucks, Water Fowl And other topics of interest

Texas Archers Home Page: Archer features reloading and a "site of the month" selecion.

Trackers Page: Another good site to visit.

HipPocket's Home Page: Hip Pocket Is another of the Buck Chat Regulars --- Her site, "Greetings From Arkansas" is well designed and informative --- Check it out!

Grumpy Grant's Hunting Home Page: Grant is from Canada and another regular of Buck Chat

Delton's Hunting Page: A Georgia Hunter

Canuck 2's Hunting Page: A view of the Canadian experience

Devo's hunting page: Devo has built a map that has links to many of the buck chat members hunting pages --- Lots of hunting information in Devo's page and through the links!

Jesse's Hunting and Gear review: An extensive, well done site --- Lots of good Map links and other information!

VarmintAl's Gun Rights And Politics: A major presence on the web. Very detailed information on many hunting topics --- Daily updates of important conservative issues!

Alberta Boys, "Hill Billy Hunting Page": Ken has some very good photos and animation from up north in the Alberta Country --- Worth seeing!

Horn Swamp On Line: **** An excellant site with lots of features. **** This is a top quality site and is updated regularly. (a "must see" site)

Doug Reeses' Home Page: Doug makes a great presentation of hunting photos and other interesting subject matter --- Very Professional!

Deer Grunts Hunting Site: This is a fantastic site with loads of turkey hunting information --- A "must see" for turkey hunters!

The Hunting Archer: This is a quality Archery Hunting Site with photos from Tom's hunts in various locations --- Lots of Traditional Archery Info!

Rod Harrison's Hunting Site: Rod has the largest collection of "live" whitetail photos on the web --- Also plenty of useful links!

Bill Stephens Home Page: Get a good look at hunting the Northwest--- Quality photography and hunting content!

Hart's Maine Hunting Page: Hunting the "Up North" way--- With a traditional slant!

Hunting In North Dakota: This is a well constructed and informative site providing lots of useful information --- highly reccomended!

Brian's Home Page: This is a new site--- Check it out!

Hunting Emporium: This is a very informative site --- Great links, recipes and a section for kids!

Tracker Outdoors: Hunting, Fishing, Garening, Livestock and more --- Great links, and tons of information in a well constructed web site!

***Note: I am breaking my own rule with the following exception.
The reason is that this site offers very useful items at the most competative prices I've seen anywhere.
Check out Steve's site for great deals on topo maps!
Steve's Topo Maps

The Sportsmans Page Gary Perriman has an ever expanding page with good links and lots of photos!

The Country Grapevine Where Florida Turns For Country

Discovering Lewis And Clark: A comprehensive site with lots of historical information --- Actual journal excerpts and volumes of period information!

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