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catch and cook

On this day we were practicing "catch and cook" with the Pike. We traveled through thick Saskatchewan bush country for two hours and then boated up the Waterhen River for another two hours. We put-in at several shallows and caught an unbelievable amount of good fish. Our travels took us many miles that day as we floated the river and never saw another person --- only bears along the banks. We did a shore lunch of beans, batter fried fish, canned peaches and buttered bread. No meal has ever stayed in my memory like that one!


Here is one of the nicer fish caught that day --- just the right size to feed a hungry fisherman!

buck and coyote

In Pennsylvania you are not permitted to hunt for any other species of game during deer season if your deer tag is already used. On this opening day, the coyote approached my stand and since I still had my tag, I shot him. I took him out of the woods to my campsite and returned to the same stand. Twenty minutes later the small buck came down the same trail.

on the hook

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with hunting and fishing, except that it is part of what I do for a living that allows me to pursue my love of the outdoors --- plus it's a kick to do! We never used to give a thought to hanging a nylon sling on a crane hook and sitting in it to go 100 feet in the air to attach rigging. Today, an act like this would result in a $10,000 fine for the operator of the crane, so it's kind of difficult to convince them to let you do it this way now-a-days!

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