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This site contains many photos of tremendous bucks and other game animals. There are bow and gun bucks taken by my friends, acquaintances and myself in all areas of North america.

I hope you enjoy my photos and text presented here, which represent several decades of hunting. There is also some philosophy and other related text for those who are involved with the outdoors in more than a casual capacity.

Note: I did not group all of the big bucks together. There are photos of top end bucks in many of the Whitetails windows along with smaller bucks.

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1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 Bob Fuhrman

1999 New Zealand Hunt. Red Deer, Goats, Turkeys, Wild Bulls

Ohio and Wisconsin Whitetail Bowhunts -- 2000

Bruiser Whitetails From Several Decades Of Hunting

Saskatchewan Bear Photos & Stories

Wolf-Kill And "Pick-up" Buck Photos

Canadian Waterfowl & Some Turkeys

Hunt And Fish Photos

Outdoor And Wildlife Scenes

Mountain Men

Roots Of The Hunter --- Our Heritage

A Message To Hunters And Anti-Hunters

Take The Hunting Ethics Survey

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